Sifu Lun Kai trained with Grandmaster Yip Man, during his stay in Foshan, until 1949.
Yip Man's Foshan Wing Chun
Sifu Ou Rong Ju trained with Yang Cheng Fu's oldest son, Yang Zhen Ming.
Yang Tai Chi Chuan
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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
starWooden Dummystar

The Wooden Dummy exact look will be dependent on the stumps that are available at the time. Rope is not included in the basic design. Inquire about extras you can add to enhance your wooden dummy experience.

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Every school, every teacher is different. Tr a free class to experience it and to find out if Foshan Wing Chun or Yang Tai Chuan is for you. We have Wing Chun private classes and Self Defense seminars available on request.

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    Foshan Wing Chun

    Wing Chun "Spring Time Fist" is a traditional martial art which is very practically orientated. Wing Chun produces efficient and adaptable fighters fast, by focusing on core concepts and not hundreds of different techniques.

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    Yang Tai Chi Chuan

    Tai Chi, the “supreme ultimate”, is both martial art and healing art. Not only does the practice of Tai Chi lead to physical and mental vitality, give you confidence in self defence, it also provides a philosophy by which you can lead your life. Take our "8 Days of Tai Chi" program to learn about how you can benefit from Tai Chi.

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    Self Defense

    Reality-Based Self-Defence focuses on teaching life saving combat skills for real life situations, without being restricted to one style or another. If you are primarily interested in learning to protect yourself and your loved ones then our Self Defence class is for you.

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